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About us
Winaex Therapy is the alternative therapy which emphasizes Wind bath and Sleeping Naked and Exercise. Other therapies are useful for health but they have defects. 
Winaex Therapy is the therapy which reduced these defects. 
Advantages of Winaex Therapy 
- Great Strength 
For 4 years, I have tried various alternative therapies in South Korea. However, my condition worsened and I made my decision to move to Thailand. I didn’t come to Thailand because I thought it would heal me but I thought the warmer climate would be better than the colder climate in Korea. So how amazing is it that a person who couldn’t work in Korea due to sicknesses, such as fatigue, cold, bad breath, body odor, slipped disc, indigestion and nose bleeds, travel to Phnom Phen(Cambodia, March ~ November) and Maraba(Brazil, December ~ February) to live and work in great health! 
- Safe 
Winaex Therapy does not depend on artificial methods such as medication or enemas. It is simply strengthening your body’s immunity by raising  body temperature and increasing skin respiration. Therefore, there are no concerns for not being able to participate in the therapy due to lack of fitness strength or side effects. 
First, is the place where you can learn alternative therapy. 
Second, is the place that there is a lot of time to sleep in shorts only.  

We usually sleep for 6 to 8 hours in a day. When we sleep, we cannot exercise nor have wind bath. Only our skin breathes unconsciously when we sleep. If we have more skin respiration, it eliminates our body wastes, so we can inhale more oxygen . For this reason, it's better to sleep naked than sleep in clothes. In general, humans have approximately 5~6 million pores and increased skin respiration displays over 10 times the effects of normal respiration(1 mouth, 2 nostrils). There are not many cities in the world where there are the places in which we can sleep naked. I have traveled to 49 cities in 13 countries over 6 years (November 2011 – April 2016) to find out which cities are good to live in

When I came to Thailand and stayed there, there were many difficult situations which were not useful for my health. 

First, there were little good lodgings. It's a hot area, so the room should be well ventilated. But almost all the lodgings had the rooms in which there were windows in one side of the room to cut costs when they were built. Just one out of ten lodgings, I could find the rooms which have windows in both sides. When it's hot, people turn on the air-conditioner with the window closed which makes the harmful air for health. But instead, it's better to turn on the electric fan with windows open. 

Second, the problem was meals. For my health I wanted to eat brown rice and vegetables. But it was difficult for me to find the brown rice vegetables restaurants. 

Third, it was difficult to drink green vegetable juice. I wanted to drink 2 glasses of green vegetable juice in a day, but there were only orange juice and apple juice. So I had to buy a juicer for green vegetable juice.

In order to solve these problems I had, I came to found There are many foreigners in Cambodia. They are usually old people who came here to live peaceful life after retirement (They are usually 50 to over 60.) When I ask them the reason why they live here, they say two reasons. First, prices are cheap. Second, the weather is warm. In my opinion, the weather is the bigger reason they live here than the first reason. That is, if it's cold here, they will not come to live despite cheap prices. I think warm weather is good for patients as well as old people.

First, we hold a retreat ( 13 days course ) : 2,000 US Dollars 

Second, Good room introduction service : 50 US Dollars It is not easy for foreigners to come to Phnom Penh to find a good apartment Upon request, we will introduce a good apartment If you don’t like it, we’ll introduce one more 

Third, Meals(5$) and Green juice(2$) delivery (7 $ a meal) If you are not in good health, it is better to eat brown rice vegetables. Green juice contains evenly nutrients such as vitamins and minerals 

We will also try to offer extra necessary services for the people who want to stay long here.

Title : 대체요법 체험기 ( Books in English have not  been published yet )

   Author Introduction - Hwangong Kim 

     - Born in Busan, South Korea in 1970

     - Graduated from Busan National University

     - Worked at Korea Telecom ( currently KT ) - 1996~2003 (approx. 8 years)

     - Suffered from hepatocirrhosis and complications - 2007~2011 (approx. 5 years)

     - Attempted suicide from severe atopic dermatitis (itching), herniated lumbar disc, prostatitis(microwave therapy - 2 times), Trimethylaminuria, severe body odor, bad breath, tinnitus, indigestion,constipation, insomnia

     - Attempted everything from modern medicine to alternative therapy

     - Condition did not improve after 4 years of treatment through modern medicine and alternetive medicine in Korea so the decision was made to move to warmer climate of Thailand 

     - With the knowledge combined from 4 years of alternative therapy and warm climate, physical condition improved within 6 month period

■ Preface

How to Get Well      

 I have thought ‘how I get well’ throughout the period of struggle against disease for about 5 years (2007~ 2011). As my stomach felt burning to death if I ate hospital drugs (anti-virus drugs), I depended on alternative therapy. About 3 years later, I always told the following story when I was asked to say my experiences at retreat for health: “I want this therapy to be the last one I try.” However, at first they were good but after 2~3 weeks to 2~3 months, there were side effects or I gave up not having enough of strength. Painful state continued while I neither died nor was healed. I wanted to give up frequently. What sustained me was ‘What would be better if I could ease other’s pain by feeling pains? Try regardless of whether I get cured or not.’ I did not get better in Korea, and went to Thailand thinking a warm place might be better, and fortunately I got really better thanks to hard fasting, wind bath and exercise, etc. This book emphasizes emptying (decontamination): We have to empty both the body and the mind. Let us turn our thoughts to a loaded bus. Usually, people get off and then get on. What would happen if people get on even if people have not finish getting off. It becomes a mess in which people can neither finish getting off nor finish getting on. A patient’s body condition is like this state. It will be of no use even if one eats very good food in this state since he or she cannot digest it. What would be solution? There is no other way but emptying. The better you empty, the better your body get, and as your digestion gets better, you can eat better. Patients or their family members regret to spend struggling with disease. So do I. But I think time is more important than money. I cannot count how many days I have spent with tears. Who would stand hunger if you would not get better even if you have tried not eating the food you wanted to eat and tolerating hunger? So, you should make efforts to shorten the period of struggle against disease if you can. Hopefully, my experiences of struggle will help you patients, even a little bit.

Cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, stomach disorder, stroke are considered as life habit diseases in the modern medical world. It means we need to change our life habits in order to keep good health. For this, we need to know many things and change many things for good health. 

When: 2 times a month, 13 days course (from March to November) 

Where: Phnom penh, Cambodia 

Personnel: within 10 people at a time 

Costs: 2,000 US Dollars 

Services Provided : Hotel Room, Meal, Lecture, Yoga lessons 

Application: Advance reservation by e-mail. 

50% Money back guarantee in case of no effect 

How to check if it works 

Write down the discomfort from head to toe and score. Do this on Days 1 and 13. If the score is equal or increased, it is considered ineffective and we will refund 50% (1,000 US Dollars) 

Score of uncomfortable symptoms 

Slight discomfort 2 points, Moderate discomfort 5 points, Quite uncomfortable 8 point, worst discomfort 10 points 


DateTimeWhat to doRemark
Day 112:00-12:15Lecture: What is important?
Lecture: Which place is a good place to stay?

12:30- 1:30Learning Yoga
1:30- 2:30Walking around
Day 212:00-12:15Lecture: Why and how to clean up your mind?
Lecture: Which room is a good room?

12:30- 1:30Learning Yoga
1:30- 2:30Walking around
Day 312:00-12:15Lecture: What and how to eat?
Lecture: Which house is a good house?

12:30- 1:30Learning Yoga
1:30- 2:30Tour (Tips for finding a good room)
Day 412:00-12:15Lecture: What kind of exercise and how much should I do?
Lecture: How to meditate

12:30- 1:30Learning Yoga
1:30- 2:30Tour (Tips for finding a good room)
Day 512:00-12:15Lecture: How to meditate
12:30- 1:30Learning Yoga
1:30- 2:30Looking around good places
Day 612:00-1:00Completion Ceremony

                                                                                                                                  (Schedule can be adjusted) 

The retreat is a 13 day course You live in a hotel room with two windows for 13 days. There are many hotels in Phnom Penh, but finding a room with two windows is difficult The first 6 days proceed according to the schedule The next 7 days are free time 

The First 6 days, you only eat about a third of your usual food 

On the next 7 days, you eat 2 meals a day and eat as usual 

* Participants should be aware of following matters Although it has gotten better, I still have bad breath and body odor. Therefore, I avoid close encounters with others. My lecture is conducted online Please be aware of such matters when attending the lectures.


-4 pairs of short-sleeve shirt and short pants, 2 pairs of long-sleeve shirt and long pants, 1 pair of sweat suit, 4 pairs of underwear and socks, sandals, tennis shoes 

-Cambodia Travel Guidebook 

-Small quantity of medicine(It will be good to prepare some emergency medicine for colds, upset stomach, If you are eating some medicine for your disease, prepare some more. It might be difficult to find medicine here.)

 -It will be fine to bring personal laptop PCs .

  • Phnom Penh, Cambodia
  • Por Housing No. 26 Street 204, Phoum 6, Sangkat Toeuk Laork 3, Khan Toulkork