About us
Winaex Therapy is the alternative therapy which emphasizes Wind bath and Sleeping Naked and Exercise. Other therapies are useful for health but they have defects. 
Winaex Therapy is the therapy which reduced these defects. 
Advantages of Winaex Therapy 
- Great Strength 
For 4 years, I have tried various alternative therapies in South Korea. However, my condition worsened and I made my decision to move to Thailand. I didn’t come to Thailand because I thought it would heal me but I thought the warmer climate would be better than the colder climate in Korea. So how amazing is it that a person who couldn’t work in Korea due to sicknesses, such as fatigue, cold, bad breath, body odor, slipped disc, indigestion and nose bleeds, travel to Phnom Phen(Cambodia, March ~ November) and Maraba(Brazil, December ~ February) to live and work in great health! 
- Safe 
Winaex Therapy does not depend on artificial methods such as medication or enemas. It is simply strengthening your body’s immunity by raising  body temperature and increasing skin respiration. Therefore, there are no concerns for not being able to participate in the therapy due to lack of fitness strength or side effects. 
First, Winaex.net is the place where you can learn alternative therapy. 
Second, Winaex.net is the place that there is a lot of time to sleep in shorts only.  

We usually sleep for 6 to 8 hours in a day. When we sleep, we cannot exercise nor have wind bath. Only our skin breathes unconsciously when we sleep. If we have more skin respiration, it eliminates our body wastes, so we can inhale more oxygen . For this reason, it's better to sleep naked than sleep in clothes. In general, humans have approximately 5~6 million pores and increased skin respiration displays over 10 times the effects of normal respiration(1 mouth, 2 nostrils). There are not many cities in the world where there are the places in which we can sleep naked. I have traveled to 49 cities in 13 countries over 6 years (November 2011 – April 2016) to find out which cities are good to live in