When I came to Thailand and stayed there, there were many difficult situations which were not useful for my health. 

First, there were little good lodgings. It's a hot area, so the room should be well ventilated. But almost all the lodgings had the rooms in which there were windows in one side of the room to cut costs when they were built. Just one out of ten lodgings, I could find the rooms which have windows in both sides. When it's hot, people turn on the air-conditioner with the window closed which makes the harmful air for health. But instead, it's better to turn on the electric fan with windows open. 

Second, the problem was meals. For my health I wanted to eat brown rice and vegetables. But it was difficult for me to find the brown rice vegetables restaurants. 

Third, it was difficult to drink green vegetable juice. I wanted to drink 2 glasses of green vegetable juice in a day, but there were only orange juice and apple juice. So I had to buy a juicer for green vegetable juice.

In order to solve these problems I had, I came to found Winaex.net There are many foreigners in Cambodia. They are usually old people who came here to live peaceful life after retirement (They are usually 50 to over 60.) When I ask them the reason why they live here, they say two reasons. First, prices are cheap. Second, the weather is warm. In my opinion, the weather is the bigger reason they live here than the first reason. That is, if it's cold here, they will not come to live despite cheap prices. I think warm weather is good for patients as well as old people.