Title : 대체요법 체험기 ( Books in English have not  been published yet )

   Author Introduction - Hwangong Kim 

     - Born in Busan, South Korea in 1970

     - Graduated from Busan National University

     - Worked at Korea Telecom ( currently KT ) - 1996~2003 (approx. 8 years)

     - Suffered from hepatocirrhosis and complications - 2007~2011 (approx. 5 years)

     - Attempted suicide from severe atopic dermatitis (itching), herniated lumbar disc, prostatitis(microwave therapy - 2 times), Trimethylaminuria, severe body odor, bad breath, tinnitus, indigestion,constipation, insomnia

     - Attempted everything from modern medicine to alternative therapy

     - Condition did not improve after 4 years of treatment through modern medicine and alternetive medicine in Korea so the decision was made to move to warmer climate of Thailand 

     - With the knowledge combined from 4 years of alternative therapy and warm climate, physical condition improved within 6 month period

■ Preface

How to Get Well      

 I have thought ‘how I get well’ throughout the period of struggle against disease for about 5 years (2007~ 2011). As my stomach felt burning to death if I ate hospital drugs (anti-virus drugs), I depended on alternative therapy. About 3 years later, I always told the following story when I was asked to say my experiences at retreat for health: “I want this therapy to be the last one I try.” However, at first they were good but after 2~3 weeks to 2~3 months, there were side effects or I gave up not having enough of strength. Painful state continued while I neither died nor was healed. I wanted to give up frequently. What sustained me was ‘What would be better if I could ease other’s pain by feeling pains? Try regardless of whether I get cured or not.’ I did not get better in Korea, and went to Thailand thinking a warm place might be better, and fortunately I got really better thanks to hard fasting, wind bath and exercise, etc. This book emphasizes emptying (decontamination): We have to empty both the body and the mind. Let us turn our thoughts to a loaded bus. Usually, people get off and then get on. What would happen if people get on even if people have not finish getting off. It becomes a mess in which people can neither finish getting off nor finish getting on. A patient’s body condition is like this state. It will be of no use even if one eats very good food in this state since he or she cannot digest it. What would be solution? There is no other way but emptying. The better you empty, the better your body get, and as your digestion gets better, you can eat better. Patients or their family members regret to spend struggling with disease. So do I. But I think time is more important than money. I cannot count how many days I have spent with tears. Who would stand hunger if you would not get better even if you have tried not eating the food you wanted to eat and tolerating hunger? So, you should make efforts to shorten the period of struggle against disease if you can. Hopefully, my experiences of struggle will help you patients, even a little bit.