Cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, stomach disorder, stroke are considered as life habit diseases in the modern medical world. It means we need to change our life habits in order to keep good health. For this, we need to know many things and change many things for good health. 

When: 2 times a month, 13 days course (from March to November) 

Where: Phnom penh, Cambodia 

Personnel: within 10 people at a time 

Costs: 2,000 US Dollars 

Services Provided : Hotel Room, Meal, Lecture, Yoga lessons 

Application: Advance reservation by e-mail. 

50% Money back guarantee in case of no effect 

How to check if it works 

Write down the discomfort from head to toe and score. Do this on Days 1 and 13. If the score is equal or increased, it is considered ineffective and we will refund 50% (1,000 US Dollars) 

Score of uncomfortable symptoms 

Slight discomfort 2 points, Moderate discomfort 5 points, Quite uncomfortable 8 point, worst discomfort 10 points 


DateTimeWhat to doRemark
Day 112:00-12:15Lecture: What is important?
Lecture: Which place is a good place to stay?

12:30- 1:30Learning Yoga
1:30- 2:30Walking around
Day 212:00-12:15Lecture: Why and how to clean up your mind?
Lecture: Which room is a good room?

12:30- 1:30Learning Yoga
1:30- 2:30Walking around
Day 312:00-12:15Lecture: What and how to eat?
Lecture: Which house is a good house?

12:30- 1:30Learning Yoga
1:30- 2:30Tour (Tips for finding a good room)
Day 412:00-12:15Lecture: What kind of exercise and how much should I do?
Lecture: How to meditate

12:30- 1:30Learning Yoga
1:30- 2:30Tour (Tips for finding a good room)
Day 512:00-12:15Lecture: How to meditate
12:30- 1:30Learning Yoga
1:30- 2:30Looking around good places
Day 612:00-1:00Completion Ceremony

                                                                                                                                  (Schedule can be adjusted) 

The retreat is a 13 day course You live in a hotel room with two windows for 13 days. There are many hotels in Phnom Penh, but finding a room with two windows is difficult The first 6 days proceed according to the schedule The next 7 days are free time 

The First 6 days, you only eat about a third of your usual food 

On the next 7 days, you eat 2 meals a day and eat as usual 

* Participants should be aware of following matters Although it has gotten better, I still have bad breath and body odor. Therefore, I avoid close encounters with others. My lecture is conducted online Please be aware of such matters when attending the lectures.


-4 pairs of short-sleeve shirt and short pants, 2 pairs of long-sleeve shirt and long pants, 1 pair of sweat suit, 4 pairs of underwear and socks, sandals, tennis shoes 

-Cambodia Travel Guidebook 

-Small quantity of medicine(It will be good to prepare some emergency medicine for colds, upset stomach, If you are eating some medicine for your disease, prepare some more. It might be difficult to find medicine here.)

 -It will be fine to bring personal laptop PCs .